Paul Masters – Exclusive Mixtape (OKORadio)

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Paul Masters, a DJ/producer with Romanian roots, started his musical journey in Vienna/Austria, by the year 2000 until today … Like all young composers he is fascinated by the incredible power of music, so he learns how to use the basic skills of a producer, exercising many hours in front of a primitive computer all kinds of ways to reproducing drums into beats, simple sounds into shapes and colours, melting them all together into one piece. His researches spread all over the musical spectrum, from World Music to Hip Hop and Soul, Funk to Electronic, from Classical to Synthesis … LIMITLESS!

His musical career was dedicated to musical quality and rewarded along time with a 3 years radio show on Romanian dancefloor station Vibe FM entitled “HOME CLUBBING” (2012 – 2015), exclusive live mixes for Ibiza Global Radio (ES), FM4 (AT); Digitally Imported (USA), Spa in Disco (ES), Southstar Radio (UK); 2 times live performance at the “Liberty Parade” super event at the Romanian Black Sea Arena in 2007 and 2014; “The Yacht Week” 2014 in Greece; 2 times New York Fashion Week 2015 – Music selection and promo mix for Romanian fashion desiger Dorin Negrau; Record label releases (EPs and 2 LPs) on Rhythm Traxx records in Austria, Eclesia Records in Singapore, KONTAKT Records in Germany, Substream Records in Sweden and Aviv Media Records in Israel. More projects are in working …


Paul Masters – Exclusive Mixtape (OKORadio) by Okoradio on Mixcloud


najava za oko

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